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Curbside Pick-up: No
Transfer Station: Yes
Hours: Thurs. & Sat. 7 am - 5 pm
Per Bag Fee: $2 per 33 gal. bag
Stickers/Bags Sources: Town Hall, general store, transfer station
Location: Nelson Drive, off South Merrifield Road

General Recycling (Paper and Containers)

Other Recyclables Collected
Pellet Bags: Yes Free
Scrap Metal: Yes Free
White Goods: Yes $5 each
With CFCs: Yes $12 - $15 each
Tires: No
Bulky Waste: Yes Fee per item; call for details
CRTs and TVs: Yes $8 CRT, $10-$15 TV
Construction/Demolition: Yes Fee-small amounts residential only
Leaves/Yard Waste: No
Food Composting: No
Christmas Trees: Yes
Brush: No
Textiles: No
Swap: No
Donations: No

Hazardous Materials Collected
Motor Oil: Yes 1st Sat. 8-12
Oil Filters: Yes 1st Sat. 8-12
Auto Batteries: Yes
Anti-Freeze: Yes 1st Sat. 8-12
Paint: Yes 1st Sat. 8-12
Fluorescents: Yes
House Batteries: Yes 1st Sat. 8-12
Ballasts: Yes 1st Sat. 8-12
Thermometers: Yes 1st Sat. 8-12
Thermostats: Yes 1st Sat. 8-12
Switches: Yes 1st Sat. 8-12
20 lb BBQ Tanks: Yes
1 lb LP Tanks: Yes $5 up to 20 lbs.
Larger LP Tanks: Yes $10 if over 20 lbs.


Franklin County Solid Waste Management District
50 Miles Street
Greenfield, MA 01301
Tel: (413) 772-2438
Fax: (413) 772-3786
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